The Prenda Holiday

Code Challenge

Build something awesome. Win prizes!

A coding challenge this holiday season for kids ages 8-18.

You are invited to join in a free coding contest Prenda is hosting this holiday season, in partnership with your library! This is for kids ages 8-18 of all skill levels. Never coded before? Not a problem! Participants will create accounts in Prenda Code Club where you can learn how to code and build a special holiday robot project. The best projects will be awarded a drone, Sphero Mini robot, or Makey Makey kit! Contest runs Dec 15 – Jan 31.

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Register for the The Prenda Holiday Code Challenge by signing up using the form below. 100% FREE! 

Start Building!

Throughout your winter break work on building a new special Mission in Prenda Code Club called “My Holiday Robot.” Follow the instructions and build something awesome!

Submit Project

Submit the link to your Mission by January 31, 2021. Do your best work and have the chance to win amazing prizes! (see prizes)

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“I like coding because it lets your imagination run wild.”

– Zoe

Start Building!

Throughout your winter berak it’s up to you to build something awesome! We’ll give you all the tools, but at the end of the day, it’s going to take your effort, creativity, and skill. Don’t know how to code yet? You’re in the right place. Prenda’s Code Club software is stocked with tutorials to get you started. At some point throughout the winter, you’ll want to start working on a “My Holiday Robot,” because that’s how you’ll win a prize.

Code on Your Own

Never coded before? No big deal. Find some time every day to log into Prenda and learn new coding concepts. Work through Workouts and Missions to level up. Work on whatever is interesting to you! Go at your own pace! Have fun with it.

Code with your library

Check with your library for opportunities to code with others. Some libraries may hold virtual code clubs throughout the winter, which is your opportunity to log in, code with friends, and have the support of your librarian.

Even if your library isn’t able to host virtual meetups, parents are welcome to organize informal code clubs with other families you know. Unsure how to do that? Access our training!

Submit Your “My Robot Holiday” Project

When you’re done with your project, submit it for the chance to win prizes! Do your best work! Create something special – something you’re proud of. The better the project, the better chance at winning one of our amazing prices.

All Projects Due By: 11:59pm January 31, 2021

The Project: My Holiday Robot

From time to time, being a hero presents you with some unusual circumstances. For instance, one morning not long ago you woke up and discovered that everyone else on Earth had forgotten everything about your favorite Holiday! Only YOU have any memory of it. Now, with your favorite Holiday right around the corner, it’s up to you to step in and remind everyone what they are missing!

In this mission you will need to create a Holiday Robot Helper to help you share your favorite parts of your favorite Holiday with the world!

Holiday Code Challenge 2020 Prizes

First, second and third place will be awarded for two age groups: 8-12 year olds and 13-18 year olds

Tello EDU Drone

Tello EDU is an impressive and programmable drone perfect for education. You can easily learn programming languages such as Scratch, Python, and Swift.

Sphero Mini

Build your own mazes, obstacles, towers and other courses to navigate through the living room or kitchen!

Equipped with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and colorful LED lights, this educational robot is more than a mini robot toy. Sphero Mini is the perfect entry into robotics for beginners!

Learn More >

Makey Makey

If you haven’t played with a Makey Makey, you are in for a treat. Marketed as an “Invention Kit for the 21st Century,” it’s about the most mad scientist device we can think of. Wire up the real world and start coding it.

Learn More >

Sumbit Your Project

You will be graded on:

1. Creativity


Did you put a clever touch on the project?

2. Difficulty


How challenging is your project?

3. Functionality


Does it work like it’s supposed to?

4. Technical Prowess


Did you write high quality code and solve problems efficiently?

5. Appearance


The “look and feel” of the program.

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