CSTA Standards (sort of) Alignment

October 7, 2021

We recently dug into the most well known computer science standard in the world from the Computer Science Teachers Association, known as the CSTA Standards.

The CSTA is a great organization and the work that they’ve put into these standards is evident. Understandably, they are pretty strict about letting people claim “alignment” to their standards. They have a process organizations, like Prenda, can go through to be able to make those claims. Unfortunately, their website indicates that they have paused that process and aren’t working with organizations at present.

So, in lieu of claiming that Prenda aligns with CSTA standards, we will simply say that we have mapped our content to the CSTA standards in a nicely formatted and designed document that is publicly available on our website for all to see.

If you’d like to see said document, here is a link.

The map of our content in the CSTA framework now joins two other standards that Prenda aligns to: The American Association of School Librarians standard as well as the Future Ready Librarians standards. You can find our alignment to those standards here.

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