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Partner with Prenda to bring a Code Challenge to Your Community

What is a Prenda Code Challenge?

Prenda organizes regular coding competitions for the patrons of our partner schools and libraries. These are free and open to kids ages 8-18 from these schools and libraries.

Inside Prenda’s learn-to-code software, coders will have access to new featured projects with 6-8 weeks to build something awesome. Projects are then submitted for a chance to win code-able robots, drones, Makey Makeys, and more!

Bringing a Prenda Code Challenge to your community is easy!

Promote the Event

A Code Challenge is essentially a special event for your school or library. Like most events, half the work is just getting the word out there. Luckily, we’ve made it very easy to get the word out through promotion kits, marketing graphics, and more.

Integrate with Your Code Club

For all schools or libraries running code clubs or using Prenda in the classroom, integrating with Code Challenges are an excellent way to bring a fun dynamic to your group. Take the Code Challenge and build it into your program.

2022 Code Challenge Schedule

The February Challenge

Dates: February 1 – March 31

Theme: Music / animation

Project: Create an animated music video.

The June Challenge

Dates: June. 1- July 31

Theme: Oceans of Possibilities (CSLP theme)

Project: Create an Underwater Exploration Game.

The October Challenge

Dates: October 1 – November 31

Theme: Outer Space

Project: Create a solar system animation.

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