Partnering with libraries to help kids learn how to code

Prenda is empowering public and school libraries to impact youth with coding education, the library way. 

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Empowering libraries through:


Learn-to Code Software

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Code Clubs

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Regular Coding Competitions

Reach kids for summer
and winter reading

Built for Libraries

Engage the “Coding in Libraries” movement at the highest level.

The question is no longer if libraries want to engage in coding education or not. It’s “how do we do it?” 

With limited expertise, time and resources, offering coding opportunities is not exactly easy.

Prenda has created a solution that is not only easy and impactful, but it’s designed just for libraries. That means everything from our services to the features in our software to the curriculum itself is tailored for library-land. With our help, any library can reach youth with high quality coding education.

Unlimited users

Library card authentication

Creating life-long library patrons

No coding expert staff required

Unlimited access

Detailed reporting

Training & support for staff

Unique software features for code clubs

Connected learning

Emphasis on literacy

COPPA compliant

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Ages 8-18

3rd - 12th grade

Proven to transform lives with:


Large Library Systems

Small & Rural Libraries

Public & School Libraries

Tribal Libraries

Why we do it

We’re imagining a world where libraries lead the coding education movement.

Prepare kids for the jobs of the future

It won’t be long before the kids in your community start getting tech jobs. What if the next Zuckerberg or Gates got their start in your library?

Instill life skills

Imagine the kids in your community learning valuable life skills like problem solving and critical thinking as they learn how to code.

Level the playing field

What if we created a world where girls, minorities, rural kids, and other underserved populations receive access to coding education?

Meet your community’s needs

Parents are desperate for coding education for their kids. It can’t hurt to have a lot of happy parents in your community, can it?

“Prenda is so easy to work with. This has been a great experience, all around.”

Rebecca Meehan, Assistant Director  |  Woburn Public Library, Woburn, MA
Kids at a table in code club

Educational Content

The Free Code Club Course

A free training for librarians and teachers who want to run a code club, but feel intimidated. In this online course we’ll teach you the learning model being used around the country to run successful code clubs.